Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My daughter helps...

I have to say my children are amazing inspirations for my cards!  This card for example:  I was feeling particularly achy and foggy with a serious head cold (did I mention I just got over pneumonia as well?  doesn't seem fair does it?) but I knew I had to get this card finished on time.  I showed my 6 year old daughter the sketch and gave her the patterned paper box and told her to pick out two papers that go well together.  Then she decided that the strip across the middle should be a ribbon and she promptly hoofed it to the other room to pick out one that matches the paper she chose.  I picked the flower (Repeat Impressions stamp 1309-J Easter Lily) to stamp and she rummaged around and dug out this little birdie (2617-D Tiny Bird).  She begged me to put it somewhere on the stamped part and PLEASE! PLEASE! color it blue.

Here's how it came out:


Maybe she should plan all my cards....

PS.  Head on over to The House That Stamps Built to check out the sketch...and maybe have your children help you with a card too!


  1. She really has a great eye, I love it! The ribbon is a perfect touch, and I don't think the card would be complete without the birdie :) Great card! Hope you are feeling better.


  2. I think you should lend your daughter out! Pretty card, and the little bird was the perfect touch.

  3. She has an artist eye like her Mom!!! This is a great car!!! But sorry to hear you've been ill. I had the head cold and chest congestion a week ago....just getting over sticks like glue and it's knocks you for a loop, but having just had pneumonia....hope you feel better soon.

  4. What a pretty card with the soft colors! -- Tell your daughter when she is finished helping you with your cards, she can come to my house and help me!