Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thanks Carole!

Hello again fellow bloggers!  I'm just putting up a little post to share an award I was given by my DT teammate over at Dream Valley, Carole.  She has very generously shared this with me, and I am finally passing it on!

For this award I have to say 7 more things about myself and pass it on to 15 people.  Hmmm seven more?? Not sure I'm that interesting!  Here goes:

1.  I just cleaned under the microwave......ew.
2.  It is never quiet at my house.
3.  My son is doing homework.
4.  We went to Santa's Village last summer.
5.  I love pizza.
6.  I can eat anything minty.
7.  My kids learned how to latch hook over the weekend.

Ok,  here are the people I am passing this to, I'm going to choose nine because they are my new teamies at ABC Challenge:

Suzanne T


  1. Oi Kendra-kiitos-ihanaa saada tällainen sinulta--hali--
    nyt pitää miettiä vähän aikaa kenelle tämän jakaisin--ja mitä kertoisin--

  2. Thanks so much Kendra, you're so kind. I'll pop it on my side roll for now if thats ok and blog about it when I have had time to think of 7 interesting things.
    Hugs Sue x

  3. Hi Kendra! Thanks for sharing the award with your new teamies :) I don't like minty anything either- well, only gum & toothpaste! Hugs~

  4. HI Kendra!!

    I'm sorry for dragging so long to come over.I was colloring late last night and it hit me!I had remembered your post.

    I tried coming but our server was down.Here i am up and running now.I rushed over to come and grab my award THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

    welcome to the team teammie!I will immediately add you on my side roll AND MY AWARD :)

    You a re a great addititon to the team ((hugs))Ruby

    I like mint too tehee!

  5. Santa's Village? Um, yeah, we go there ALL. The. Time. (Well, when it is open anyway.) The kids love that place so very much :) It's nice being only an hour away, that's for sure! I'm sure it was a bunch of fun, always is for us!

  6. Hiya kendra, glad to pass the award on to you, and I love your 7 facts. Gotta say I love pizza too, but I couldnt live in your house, i need my quiet, he he. |Am wondering what was underneath your microwave!!!!!!!! lol. CoB